Established in 2003, Tegan Louise Designs is the culmination of Tegan's work within the building industries which spans more than 10 years. Tegan's wealth of knowledge and experience is unique, vast and covers every aspect of today's homes.

Designing your home is an immensely personal experience. Our aim on each and every project is to exceed our client’s expectations in design and customer service. We work hard with all our clients across Western Australia to create their ideal living environment. This includes keeping ahead of current trends and to constantly think outside the square, including researching and utilising alternative building materials that look fabulous and are also energy efficient.


Meet our Director, Tegan Louise Harrison

Tegan has always had a passion for building design since she was a little girl. Tegan leads our passionate small team and is responsible for our client liaison and design. There's much more to Tegan than just her passion. With her open, honest communication style, Tegan is renowned for getting clients designs right the first time. Her secret skill is the ability to pay personal attention to detail, focus on the individual and specialized needs of our clients and transform them into inspiring designs.

Tegan's passion for design flows through every aspect of the whole design process. In addition to being passionate about her designs being perfect, her designs must also be on budget, enrich the lives of her clients and add real value to their property; ensuring maximum return.

No matter what your project, you owe it to yourself to talk with Tegan Louise Designs. Call today!





Meet our Design Manager, Coral Buxey

Coral has a passion for architecture, completing her masters in 2013. She has particular interest in modernism and contemporary design and is always excited to discover new and innovative building and design methods. Professional and friendly, Coral appreciates the importance of building good relationships with her clients.

Good communication and the sharing of ideas is considered key in ensuring any design will satisfy a client’s needs whilst also staying on trend. Never one to underestimate the importance of design in shaping someone’s life, Coral believes residential design in particular offers a unique opportunity to enrich people’s lives, providing an environment for people to mould and grow in day to day life.