This privacy policy is for Tegan Louise Designs which is maintained by bekandloz, who consider privacy pretty serious business. We aim to be as transparent as possible about what information we collect about you. This policy may get amended without warning at any time (usually if we find we need to add something or could have worded something better) so please feel free to check it regularly in case it's changed.

We don't give out information you've given us or that we've gotten from you unless we get an actual legitimate warrant or subpoena for it.

Information collected from you

IP address

Your ip address is stored in the site database for 1 day to monitor for spam, and logged by the webserver for analytics and further spam slaughter. After the expiration period it is expunged from the database.


The site will attempt to set a cookie on access. It stores three pieces of information: whether your browser is capable of/allowing javascript, actions taken on javascript tables, and a sessionID which will keep you logged in (if you need to log in). It is also used to remember form settings (such as your contact details if you leave some in an anonymous contact form). You need to accept the cookie to be able to log in. If you don't need to log in it can be safely rejected without losing site functionality.


If you wish to submit a testimonial, you will not be required to provide your real name if you wish to remain anonymous.  Testimonials that appear on the website may be read by anyone who visits the site, so please be careful about what you write.

The testimonial form is protected by Mollom, a web service which analyses form submissions in order to detect and prevent spambot submissions.  It collects your ip and information provided in the form (in this case whatever you put or don't put in the name field and the contents of the testimonial field) and does its best to anonymise data, but please ensure you are okay with their web service privacy policy before posting.

External link markers

Any link marked with the external link icon (an arrow pointing out of a square) will take you to a website which was up and running at the time of linking. We are not responsible for the content or appearance of external websites (unless it's a bekandloz site, in which case we are partially responsible for some if not all of the appearance, but not necessarily all or any of the content), so please exercise caution when following links.

Anonymous usage statistics

This site uses Piwik to collect various pieces of data which are anonymised as much as possible to make it difficult for you personally to be identified by the pieces you contributed.  We honour Do Not Track.