Over the years Tegan Louise designs has developed a method that allows us to progress quickly and efficiently whilst also, and most importantly, ensuring a close working relationship between client and company is maintained. We understand the positive effects a good client relationship can have on a project and hence seek to involve clients at every stage. Our general process is outlined below.




An important part of Tegan Louise Designs is ensuring that we are up to date on current trends and design methods. Our detailed research in this area allows us to bring a great wealth of knowledge in to our projects that clients find extremely beneficial

The design of your new home can be a daunting task and whilst you may have collected ideas and have a general understanding of what you may want it is often very difficult to collate your ideas into one final concept. This is where we are able to excel, collecting and collating your ideas, and turning them into a design that you are sure to love.

Our research is not just confined to design; indeed we also ensure that we keep up to date on the latest construction methods as well as council regulations to ensure that the process from design to final construction is a seamless one.

Initial Contact

Tegan has been hailed for her great client relations and good relationship between clients and the business are of paramount importance to her. Upon initial contact Tegan is more than happy to answer any queries you may have. An effective company practice has been to set up a no obligations meeting with you in the comfort of your own home to discuss your ideas and discuss your design project in more detail.


We have found that face to face meetings have been extremely effective and allow a level of personability that is often not experienced at many design firms. Our meeting is completely free of charge and will allow you to meet with your designer and feel comfortable and confident about the design of your new home. We aim to listen to and discuss your ideas whilst also providing you with invaluable advice. We are able to bring in to the meeting our own ideas and knowledge however above all else will ensure that your wishes and wants are being met.



Design Proposal

Based on your initial meeting Tegan Louise designs will be able to provide you with a detailed design brief as well as a schedule of fees for your project. This document will clearly outline our proposal ensuring that Tegan Louise designs have listened carefully to your requirements. The schedule of fees will give you a detailed view into our costing allowing you to be clearly aware of what finances will be required at what times. This clear organisation ensures that your design is able to get off to a great start.

Should you chose to proceed the brief is signed and your design can get underway.

The Design

The design stage is of paramount importance to Tegan Louise Designs. This stage needs to be completed effectively to ensure that the rest of your project runs smoothly. It also the stage which provides our clients the most excitement.

All designs are completed by Tegan. She has a great passion for and dedication to design which allows her to provide you with a special and unique concept that will be sure to evoke the jealousy of your neighbours. Tegan Louise designs keeps clients up to date during the design stage and constant discussion via email and phone allows us to develop your design according to your feedback.


Once the concept ideas have been collated and the design has evolved from your feedback sample plans and perspective images will be sent to you. We will also organise a three dimensional presentation that is to take place within the comfort of your own home.

At this presentation we are able to use our 3D software to allow you to better visualise the spaces we have created. We will walk you through the plans, ideas and key design features. This process allows you get a better feel for your design allowing the project to really come alive for you.

After the Presentation we leave you with a paper copy of your design and give you time to digest it. We value your feeback and work closely with you if you have any changes you would like to make or any further ideas you would like to implement.



Cost Estimates

Once your design is finalised it is time to send out your project for cost estimates. It is completely your decision as to whether you would like to use our builder or source one of your own.

If the price comes back higher than what you were hoping for we will modify your design free of charge until it meets your requirements. This is one of a number of Guarantees that Tegan Louise Designs will bring to your project to allow you to feel safe and secure.

Council Approval

Any built project will require council approval before building can commence. Council’s in Perth generally implement a practice that involves the following 2 steps:

  • Planning Approval

    At the planning stage you will be required to show floor plans and elevations as well as a site contour survey. Tegan Louise designs have contact with a number of surveying companies and can hence source this survey for you to save you the time. Alternatively you can source the survey yourself if you wish.

  • Building Approval

    To achieve building approval the council require a full set of construction drawings. They will also require engineering details and energy efficiency assessments which again Tegan Louise Designs can source for you. Builder’s details and insurances will also be required at this stage.

We will ensure that you have everything you need to submit to council when applicable and will liaise with the council on your behalf to ensure that your project is given approval. Should the council require any changes we will amend the design free of charge.

Building Commences

Once your project receives final council approval it is time for the building to get underway. Tegan and her Team will remain in close contact with you throughout the process and will be readily available to answer any queries yourself or the builders may have.

Generally Tegan will visit the building site to ensure that everything is running smoothly and to give assistance if need be.

Once your project is complete we would love the opportunity to photograph it for our portfolio - and possibly to submit the project for a highly coveted design award!